Big ideas and small apps.

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“Small software. Big ideas.”

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Auteureist™ - “A Writer’s Companion…”

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Auteureist™ 4 - Coming soon…

About Me

I’m, Serg Koren. Thanks for reading this.

I’m a part-time iOS developer, blogger, writer, amateur radio “ham”, beer brewer, photographer, and foodie. I’ve worked in the IT industry, for most of my professional career doing everything from project management, application and database solutions design, and heads-down coding. I’ve successfully designed large scale distributed databases, and applications in what is now commonly know as “reactive systems”. I’ve helped companies successfully solve design issues as well as track down bugs. I’ve also done pre-sales consulting and corporate IT training. I’ve done technical writing and technical product reviews.

I also tend to collect programming languages the way others collect baseball cards or coins. I wrote my first real program on a Burroughs 5500 WATIV FORTRAN using a punched card deck. It was a chess program. I still have the original c language “Belle” chess listing I got from Bell Labs in order to learn how to do min-max algorithms. Now I focus on things like Objective-C, Java, Ruby, and learning Android programming.

I’ve been running a small hobby business for years. I’ve written programs for the Apple Mac, Apple Newton MessagePad, PalmOS, WinCE, and Objective-C.

I’m organized and objective. I have a knack for solving problems quickly. I love learning new things and stretching myself.

I've also been told I'm a cool guy.

Writing Blogs

Auteureist™ Development Blog

Development blog of Auteureist™.

Updates, tips and tricks. Information useful to users of the writing app.

Archimage's Writings

My thoughts on writing and updates on my participation in NaNoWriMo as well as some other writing events.

General Blogs

Zero To Startup

My blog about my thoughts on entrepreneurship and startups.
Thinking Outside the Tesseract
My thoughts on technology and related topics.

Mostly, however, it's a brain dump of observations.



My photography for sale.

Tech Blogs

A 3D Library for SDL2

Creating a 3D vector graphics library for the SDL2 graphics framework.

Runs on Mac, iOS, Windows, RaspberryPi, and Linux.

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